ABOUT ME AND MY (P)hotography, (A)rt & (D)esign

I'm a photographer, artist from Canada and a new dad. I've been taking photographs since - time to date myself a little - before digital cameras existed and I only had 24 (sometimes 36) shots before I would have to manually remove and load up a new roll of film.

Last year when I lost my longtime 9-5 job it was a hard time. However, not only did it allow me to do the stay-at-home-dad thing with my brand new son (which was the most wonderful, important and amazing time of my life), but it gave me time to focus on my photography and my art in a way that I hadn't been able to in years.

Diving head first into my creativity and art has been amazing. And then when I actually started to sell some of my pieces... well, it has been one of the most rewarding things to ever happen in my life - professionally (as I did just become dad of course).

What you will find here: Pure photography/digitally painting on my photographs/ mashing up my photos with original graphic designs/digital drawing and painting.

As you will notice, my creative energy has a hard time sticking to just one style, theme, technique, etc... So, browse around and see what strikes your fancy. I truly appreciate you being here and hope you find something that you want to have in your home - or on your body (I do T-Shirts as well).